Chad McCown

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Chad McCown - vector illustrator, focuses on creating illustrations, storyboards, mood borads, director's boards, comps & graphic design materials for consumer brands & advertising agencies

vector pin up girl

Adrian Velez

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Adrian Velez - digital artist from NY

Playboy Bunny

George Quintana

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George Quintana (1902-1957) - pulp illustrator, was the cover artist for "Snappy Detective Mysteries" a pulp magazine as well as many other pulp story illustrations of that era
His first art assignments were anonymous advertising work, but by 1934 he had begun to sell freelance cover illustrations to a variety of "spicy" pulp magazines, such as Gay French Life, Ginger, Movie Humor, Movie Merry Go-Round, Snappy Detective Mysteries, Snappy Stories, Stolen Sweets, and Tempting Tales. These were sold at burlesque halls as well as under-the-counter at discreet newsstands. These illustrations, which were clearly influenced by Enoch Bolles, were often signed "Geo. Quintana"

vintage pulp illustration

2009 Vogue Paris Pin Up Calendar

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Fourteen different girls are featured, photographed by Terry Richardson and styled by Carine Roitfeld as pinups in Louis Vuitton lingerie and shoes

2009 Vogue Paris Calendar

Roy Best

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Roy Best - Classic American illustrator and painter of Pin Up Girls

vintage pin up girl