Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie - Miguel Reveriego Photoshoot for Vanity Fair US August 2014

Edgar Sandoval

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Edgar Sandoval - Digital illustrator and animator from Costa Rica, fantasy and comic girl

Devin Lawson

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Devin Lawson has been scribbling on paper since he could hold a pencil. After years of pencil holding and paper scribbling, Devin moved on to art school and received a degree in Animation from the Art Institute of Houston. After graduation, Devin worked freelance for game companies, film studios and design firms.

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Sugey Abrego

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Playboy Mexico, December 2013

Chad McCown

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Chad McCown - vector illustrator, focuses on creating illustrations, storyboards, mood borads, director's boards, comps & graphic design materials for consumer brands & advertising agencies

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