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Dean Yeagle

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Dean Yeagle is an cartoonist, accomplished animator, most likely best known for his character Mandy, who has frequented the pages of Playboy Magazine.
Mandy Cartoon

Dean Yeagle Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle pin up Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle Mandy cartoon

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Dean Yeagle Art Books:

Dean Yeagle Mandy
Mandy's shorts By By Dean Yeagle
Scribblings 3 By Dean Yeagle
Scribblings 3 By Dean Yeagle
Dean Yeagle Mandy
One Mandy Morning By Dean Yeagle

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say, that I absolutely LOVE your site.


MORATHA said...

Dear Dean. I,m a scripwriter of comic, and my friend a cartoonist and comic drawer. His name is MORATHA, and likes your cartoons, pin-ups and drawings.
You can watch our pin-ups and workings in the adress:
Thank you very much.
Best Regards.

Leilani Joy said...

One of my favorite artists! He exaggerates the female form in all the right ways and has a wonderful sense of pin-up anatomy! Love your blog! So happy to have stumbled upon it! Hope to have my pin girl art featured on it one day! ^_^

chris said...

I love it. Not cluttered with detail yet amazingly expressive I can dig it, wow

jacob healy said...

It looks like Harley quinn with no make up on

Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks like Elke Sommer! Very sexy, man!