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Armando Huerta

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Armando Huerta - adult pin up art painting

Armando Huerta drew pin up from 1993 that is the year when he learned to use airbrush.
After more than 10 years of work and 4 books published, the Pin-up world has not seen his best works.
He worked for Playboy magazine and Coca Cola, till now.
He has much admiration for the master of Paintbrush Haijeme Sorayama.

Armando Huerta Art Books:

Armando Huerta
Better Nasty Than Sexy (Extended Remix) - The Art of Armando Huerta
Armando Huerta Art book
Better Than The Real Thing By Armando Huerta
Armando Huerta Art book
Whoops! Sketches and Drawings by Armando Huerta

More info and pics:

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crajosto said...

love his art 2 of the pin-ups you show (the left 2 are on my walls as commissions - Denise Milanmi uses her portrait as her logo

Sticker Chick said...

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If you have any more information regarding the distribution, display, or sale of unauthorized merchandise produced by Pinup World Art, or illegal representation of Armando Huerta please contact Sticker Chick at

Thank you,
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