August 2006 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Art | Vintage and Modern Artworks

Benjamin Hall

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Benjamin Hall - Comic Artist

comic girl
Benjamin Hall has been a professional illustrator since 2000. He has worked as a concept artist on the computer game American McGee's Alice and illustrated the covers and interiors of several comic books including a years run on Knights of the Dinnner Table:Everknights, the Dead@17: Protectorate mini-series and several other short stories and anthologies.

Eddie Holly

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Eddie Holly - Character Designer, Conceptual Artist, Visual Development, Illustrator

Khary Randolph

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Khary Randolph - comic book creator

pin up cartoon girl

Martin Abel

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Martin Abel - Pin Up Girls and magazine illustrations

pin up cartoon girl
Worked for Ralph Magazine, Picture Magazine, Picture PREMIUM magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, Funrise Toy Corporation and more...
Martin is more well known for his 'magically dark' pin up girl illustrations. Martin Abel also works in the comic book industry, currently involved in a few projects with Viper Comics.


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Domnx - Illustrator, Vector Pin Up Girls

vector pin up girl
Domnx has worked for Disney, and Universal and now does work in the motion picture/television industry as a graphic artist.

Shane Glines

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Shane Glines - Illustrator and animation designer

pin up cartoon girls

Shane Glines worked for Spumco (Batman, Superman, Kim Possible, Samurai Jack), Warner Bros. Animation (Superman, Batman, Batman Beyond, Justice League), Cartoon Network Samurai Jack, Walt Disney Television (Kim Possible - Character Designs)
His unique style has made him one of todays best designers.

Josh Howard

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Josh Howard - My favorite comics designer

Josh Howard comic girl

Greg Hildebrandt

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Greg Hildebrandt - classic american pin up girls style arts

pin up girl

Josh Agle (Shag)

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Josh Agle(better known as Shag) - painter, illustrator and design worker
Shag's artwork is a blend of hot rods, tiki heads, skeletons, voodoo lounge, and kustom kulture all rolled up in a swanky package.

Steve Lambe

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Steve Lambe - illustrator, cartoon style
Steve Lambe


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Herval - Illustrator



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Benzod - Digital Illustrator

Benzod art

Feng Zhu Design

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Feng Zhu Design - Game Art and Illustrations

game art

Paige Puller

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Paige Puller - Illustrator, simple cartoon girls art

pin up cartoon girl

Anjin Design

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Anjin - illustrator, modern pin up girls

pin up cartoon girls
Known for digital paintings with strong colors and striking textures, Anjin has been active in the internet art scene for over three years. Anjin considers digital painting the new frontier in the rapidly evolving world of art. He prefers the digital medium to traditional materials because the computer’s "palette" offers an almost incomprehensible freedom for experimentation. Indeed, the digital medium allows Anjin to explore the boundaries of his imagination in a way that other materials simply could not hope to allow. Moving back and forth from a sophisticated painterly style to a vibrant and clean comic-inspired approach, Anjin seeks to create art that does not call attention to its digital origin. Evoking the spirit of the "pin-up girl" and classic portraiture, Anjin’s work offers digital age takes on familiar subject matter

Alberto Ruiz

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Alberto Ruiz - Illusrtator

modern pin up

Bellefree Gallery

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Bellefree Gallery - 7 artisits (Alberto Ruiz, Ben Tan, Big Al, brynmr, Craig, Dean Yeagle)
Bellefree Gallery
Bellefree Gallery Bellefree Gallery

Denis Goulet

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Denis Goulet - artist from Canada

Denis Goulet Denis Goulet
Denis Goulet is now the webmaster of the official Pif Gadget website. He is also a regular contributor to the Canadian magazine Safarir. Goulet works as an illustrator for magazines, juvenile literature, advertisements and school books. He made his comic album debut in 2004, with the series 'Les Commerciaux' at Bamboo publishers (text by Plumeri and Boitell).

Denis Goulet Vampirella

More info and pics:

Scott Tolleson

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Scott Tolleson - cartoon artist
cartoon girl
Scott Tolleson is currently employed with The Walt Disney Company. He has worked for "The Mouse" since 1998 as a full-time Graphic Design Artisan for the Entertainment Art Dept. based in Anaheim, CA. He has designed logos, worked on concept artwork for various Disney parades, designed signage for special events and movie premiere venues, as well as create artwork for other various projects. Scott also works on many freelance projects during his free time.
Some artists that inspire Scott include Glenn Barr, Dean Yeagle, Shane Glines, Phil Noto, and Joe Chiodo, to name a few. Scott is an avid sci-fi and animation fan. He enjoys zombie flicks, Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation, and comics

Dean Yeagle

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Dean Yeagle is an cartoonist, accomplished animator, most likely best known for his character Mandy, who has frequented the pages of Playboy Magazine.
Mandy Cartoon

Gary Ham

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Gary Ham - modern pinups, cartoon girls

modern pin up cartoon
Gary Ham done work for magazines like Maxim as well as been an animator at dreamworks. He's got a crisp clean style and he really knows how to draw a "babe!"