September 2006 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls

Deacon Black

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Deacon Black - Amazing Pin Up Art
Deacon likes so many different styles, cartoons, realistic to pencil, digitally painted.
Some influences of his are Gil Elvgren, J. Scott Campbell and a lot of comic book artists as well, which gave him inspiration before getting into pin-up art
Deacon Black

Sean Ellery

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Sean Ellery - comic's style pinups

comic girl

Joe Pekar

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Joe Pekar - modern pin up style artwork, drawing girls

modern pin ups cartoon

Jason Brooks

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Jason Brooks - famous vector illustrator

vector girl
Jason Brooks is a highly established and recognised illustrator especially within the fashion industry. His impressive and distinct style has brought him commissions from major advertising agencies, record companies, a wide range of design agencies and editorial work.
If you know of Hed Kandi record label, then you most certainly know the artwork that is so characteristic for it; trendy beautiful female clubbers drafted in delicate lines and soothing colors. Jason Brooks is the man behind the art on Hed Kandi’s compilations CD’s

Marco Allard

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Marco Allard - illustrator
Sketches and color painting

Max Riffner

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Max Riffner - vintage style pinup girl

pin up girl calendar

kitton (Kat Wilson)

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kitton (Kat Wilson) - Illustrator

pin up cartoon girl

Tyson Mcadoo

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Tyson Mcadoo - illustrator, modern pin up girls

More info and pics:

Mike James

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Mike James is known for his unique and unmatched style of pin up art. He has created not only the world's finest girl kits, but his graphite drawings, color digital art and even cartoon animation all carry his signature style of crazy/ buff bodies, sweet faces and playful attitude.
This is a "MUST SEE" online art porfolio - amazing pin up arts!
Some pics here

More Info and Pics:

Adam Hughes

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Adam Hughes - comic book artist

comic girl Wonder Woman
Primarily known as a 'good girl' artist, Adam Hughes has worked on a myriad of books. Some of Adam's credits include the Justice League, Legionnaires, Star Trek, Ghost and Gen 13 as well as doing countless covers and pin-ups for just about every comic company

Rion Vernon

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Rion Vernon - Amazing Pin Up Cartoon Girls
Vernon's style is one of the most cartoon-like here, but there's no question he does Pin Up. His style blends classic cartoons with a modern sense of style, and he obviously has a crush on Jessica Rabbit

pin up toons

Bruce Timm

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Bruce Timm - comic book designer

Bruce Timm Comic Girl

Andrew Bawidamann

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Andrew Bawidamann - graphic designer and a freelance pin up artist.
Vector military pin up

pin up cartoon

Karolina Szafran (karincoma)

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Karolina Szafran (karincoma) - Illustrator, dark arts

girl art

Rodolphe Guenoden

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Rodolphe Guenoden - animator, ink and pencil sketches

sketch girl

Arthur De Pins

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Arthur De Pins - an illustrator and animator from France - illustration, comics and etc (vector)

vector girl

Shatia Hamilton

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Shatia Hamilton (Nashya) - Comic Artist

Shatia Hamilton

Tracy Mark Lee

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Tracy Lee - modern pin up illustrations

modern pin up girl