December 2006 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls

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anime girls

Paul John Ballard

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Paul John Ballard - fine drawing pin-up!

pin up girl
In his erotic artwork, his chosen media are pencil, acrylic, watercolours and oils. Each female is carefully sketched and 'brought to life'. Each has their own personality, but they all possess the individuality of the artist and his love of anything sensual. High contrast and sharp detail are the two elements that form the basis of his art. Paul chooses certain parts of the figure to create movement and flow, which allows the viewer to feel the strength and energy of the figure. He also uses pencil and paintbrush to create mixed media work

Lorenzo Sperlonga

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Lorenzo Sperlonga - pin up artist.
Amazing pin up and fantasy art.

Lorenzo Sperlonga pin up girl
Lorenzo painted his first cover for SKORPIO - the biggest comics magazine in Italy: since then, many of his magazine covers still appear every year on Italian newsstands.
The public learned very quickly to recognize his style, especially after his paintings were featured in Playboy and Penthouse, in their respective Italian editions

Adam Braun

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Adam Braun - drawing pin up

drawing girl

David Ardilla

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David Ardilla - illustrator

girls illustration