March 2008 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Art | Vintage and Modern Artworks

Matthew Boismier

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Matthew Boismier aka Tooninator - illustrator, modern pin up

cartoon pin up girl

Mandy Reinmuth

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Mandy Reinmuth - Contemporary pop art or lounge art. Vector girl style

vector girl

Carlos Diez

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Carlos Diez - Illustrations and paintings of pin-ups art, glamour art, fantasy art

pin up girl

Shanon Brooke

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Shannon Brooke - Pin Up photographer.
Brooke's style is retro glamour.

pin up photography

Brian Rood

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Brian Rood - illustrator working in the entertainment, comic and commercial art fields. He is most known for his sexy female illustrations and his photo-realistic paintings of Hollywood's stars and characters

pin up cartoon girls

Ben Krefta

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Ben Krefta - manga and anime arts

anime girl

Carlos Cartagena

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Carlos Cartagena - sexy pin-ups, classic style

More info and pics:

Elias Chatzoudis

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Elias Chatzoudis - Illustrator and graphic designer, very realistic and toon sexy pinup girls

More info and pics:

  • Elias Chatzoudis's Official Website - flash
  • Elias Chatzoudis on deviantART

  • Elias Chatzoudis's Art Book:

    Elias Chatzoudis's Art Book
    Digital Divas: Sketches, Drawings and Color Digital Art by Elias Chatzoudis

    Roberto Baldazzini

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    Roberto Baldazzini - illustrator and comics artist
    In his paintings Baldazzini exalts his obsession with feminine beauty, showing a series of highly coloured portraits of fantastic, beautiful women/heroines

    pin up cartoon girls