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fuchsiart - illustrator, anime pin up
anime illustration

Ivan Flores

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Ivan Flores - CG modern pin up

Boris Vallejo

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Boris Vallejo - fantasy and erotic arts
Boris Vallejo fantasy girl
Boris Vallejo' hyper-representational paintings have graced the covers of dozens of science fiction paperbacks and are featured in a series of best-selling glossy calendars. Subjects of his paintings are typically gods, monsters, and well-muscled male and female barbarians engaged in battle. Wikipedia

Jessica Dougherty

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Jessica Dougherty - modern pin-up artist.
Illustrations, digital paintings of pin up art, fine art.
Must see!!!

pin up girl

Toni (Varges)

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Toni (Varges) - illustrator
in up girl

Dave Stevens

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Dave Stevens (1955-2008) - pinups and comics artworks, the creator of the Rocketeer
comic girl
Stevens was known for his meticulous artwork, reminiscent of the greatest illustrators of the past and the whiz bang pulpishness of the 30s and 40s. He was, of course, also obsessed with model Bettie Page. These came together in The Rocketeer, which was published by Eclipse, Pacific, Comico and Dark Horse in its various incarnations

Hajime Sorayama

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Hajime Sorayama - drawing photorealistic pin up girls
pin up girl
Hajime Sorayama is known world-wide for his imaginative and highly accomplished paintings of beautiful women, he creates memorable images in a hyper-realistic style. He is often referred to as the contemporary Vargas by those familiar with his pin-up style works, and is respected by artists and illustrators for his perfect technique

Omar Dogan

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Omar Dogan - illustrator. comic books creator
anime comic girl

Michael Oswald

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Michael Oswald - digital arts
digital art girl

Robert Ullman

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Robert Ullman - illustrator
pin up cartoon girls
Robert Ullman creates comics in his spare time (of which there never seems to be enough), including ATOM-BOMB BIKINI, GRAND GESTURES, LUNCH-HOUR COMIX and the upcoming SELLOUT


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Krenz - anime style girls

Jim Gunardson

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Jim Gunardson - illustrator, specializing in website design and illustration
vector girl
Stylized realism with emphasis on atmosphere and emotion. Created from hand drawn sketches and painted using Illustrator, Painter and Photoshop

Ted Hammond

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Ted Hammond - Advertising and Graphic Design
pin up cartoon girls
Ted Hammond's style, sense of humor and skill at drawing the human figure allowed him to eventually become the main editorial artist for Musclemag International, Oxygen and American Health & Fitness Magazines. As well as creating everything from Fantasy and comic book art to children's magazine and book illustration. Ted has created literally hundreds of illustrations over the past few years and has gained a solid reputation as a leading artist in the industry

Katarzyna Koleta Milde

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Katarzyna Koleta Milde - illustrator
Katarzyna Koleta Milde pin up cartoon girl

Mikhail Glukhov

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Mikhail Glukhov (Glooh) - Illustrator
pin up and cartoon girls

Daniel Simon

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Daniel Simon - illustrator
sketch girl

Daniela Uhlig

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Daniela Uhlig - Comic Pop Art
pin up cartoon

Erica Lundquist

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Erica Lundquist - vector style pinup
vector girl

Katarina Sokolova

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Katarina Sokolova Latans'ka - Beautiful Women. Computer arts, photography, graphics. Amazing
digital art

Dave Nestler

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Dave Nestler - modern pinup art
Dave Nestler modern pin up
Dave Nestler has tread the waters between the two shores, creating his notorious Glamourotica series: "Blonde and Gagged", a combination of Glamour, Pinup, and Erotic art. It was actually necessity and timing that sent Nestler in the direction of Pinup art

Nene Thomas

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Nene Thomas - romantic fantasy artist
fantasy art

Kay Ewing

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Kay Ewing - animation, cartoons, anime, etc
cartoon girls