August 2008 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Art | Vintage and Modern Artworks

Kei Phillips

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Kei Phillips - Character designer and illustrator. Scetches and cartoons style

pin up cartoon

Viet-My Bui

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Viet-My Bui (ravenskar) - illustrator

pin up cartoon girls

Linda Tso

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Linda Tso - digital paintings

pin up cartoon girls


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14-bis - amazing cartoon girls

cartoon girl maid


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LINNO ART - Cartoon and Furry Art

cartoon girl

Elizabeth Leaper

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Elizabeth Leaper - fine artworks!

pin up cartoon girls

Mark Anthony Taduran

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Mark Anthony Taduran - comics, pin ups, digital painting and coloring, advertsing designs

comics pin up

Shunya Yamashita

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Shunya Yamashita - anime models designer

anime girl

Siya Oum

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Siya Oum - illustrator, comics artist

sexy comic girl

Eric Hartman

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Eric Hartman - modern pinups, CG vector arts

modern pin up

Chong Boon Sian

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Chong Boon Sian - anime cartoon style girl

anime girl

Michelle Soneja

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Michelle Soneja - 2D artist for Gameloft with a sweet tooth and an undying love for anything art/game related

pin up comic

Less Ruth

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Less Ruth - fetish art illustrator, most of the artwork in gallery are actual screenshots from dolls Mila Automata

fetish pin up

Burn Comics

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Adam Byrne (Burn Comics) - cartoon and comic style girls
pin up cartoon girl

Alberto Vargas

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Alberto Vargas - famous painter of classic pin up girls

Vargas pin up girls

From the time Esquire first introduced America to the Varga Girl, in 1940, the name Vargas has been synonymous with pin up and glamour art. In fact, the word "vargas" has actually been applied to almost every kind of pin up subject - a fitting tribute to the most famous and prolific glamour artist of all time.
Vargas illustrating playing cards and taking freelance work for True magazine. In 1960, he was hired as an illustrator for Playboy. The "Vargas Girl" represented a high level of perfection in beauty, erotic- but never vulgar. Even when Playboy would have allowed him to depict full frontal nudity, Vargas always kept his models discretely draped

Cris Ortega

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Cris Ortega - Illustrator and comic artist

drawing girl

Keith Weesner

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Keith Weesner - Painter and Illustrator

pin up girl and car

Keith Weesner has produced everything from posters and T-shirts to magazine covers and animation backgrounds. In the late 80s he studied automotive design at Pasadena Art Center, but he has been drawing hot rods and customs since he was a kid.
Keith's work reflects his obsession with cars and vintage pinup illustration. As an artist and hot rodder, he appears frequently in American, English, and Japanese car magazines