Raffaele Marinetti

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Raffaele Marinetti - illustrator. Fantasy and comic art and sketches
fantasy girl

Joerg Warda

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Joerg Warda - illustrator and digital artist
The award winning images of Joerg Warda are best known for it's elegance and beauty, ranging from fantasy and fine art and to vintage pin up girls and glamour beauties.
pin up cartoon

Boris Chuprin

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Boris Chuprin - illustrator, 3d design
digital pin up

Nick Deligaris

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Nick Deligaris - graphic designer, illustrator and 3D modeler. Fantasy art
fantasy art

Arturo Elena

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Arturo Elena - fashion illustration
fashion illustration
Surprising is the term that could be used to describe the work created by Arturo Elena. Beginning with his technique and moving on to his style, this self-taught artist has revolutionized the world of graphic illustration.
His work in fashion illustration has received both national and international recognition and has appeared in prestigious publications

Paul Renaud

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Paul Renaud - comic girls
comic girl

Linda Bergkvist

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Linda Bergkvist - painting. Fine art
Linda Bergkvist


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Walters - draws primarily with a pencil on letter-size paper
drawing pin up

Phil Noto

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Phil Noto - comic book creator.
Phil Noto art
Phil started as an animator with Disney, working on a variety of feature films, including 'Lion King', 'Pocahontas', 'Hunchback of Notre Dame', 'Mulan', 'Tarzan' and 'Lilo Stitch'. After a decade with Disney, he is now gaining a firm following for his comic art

Super Bad Girl

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Super Bad Girl - 3D art

Frank Cho

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Frank Cho - comics artist and illustrator.
Frank worked for Liberty Meadows and Cavewoman (Basementcomics)
comic books art

Chad Spilker

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Chad Spilker - pencil drawing pin-ups
girl sketch


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Autero - cartoon style pin ups art
pin up cartoon

Steven Stahlberg

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Steven Hagg-Stahlberg - digital illustrator, 3D and 2D arts
digital girl