February 2009 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Art | Vintage and Modern Artworks

Loopy Dave

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Loopy Dave - illustrator

Loopy Dave Sexy Girl


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Reiq (Reinaldo Quintero Arturo Torrealba) - Digital artist
Comics style girl

comic girl

Wen-Xi Chen

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Wen- Xi Chen - digital drawing

drawing girl

Wen- Xi Chen paints tragedies in the dead of night to the sweet sound of Opeth and is a pathology student by day in one of the oldest and most hellish educational establishments in the UK. This leaves very little time for that activity known as sleep, and so exists in a perpetual state of spaciness

Glen Orbik

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Glen Orbik - Vintage Pin Up Drawings. American illustrator known for his fully painted paperback and comic covers, often executed in a noir style
Amazing vintage illustration

Glen Orbik illustration

Dirk Richter

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Dirk Richter - fine art, sketches and drawings

More info and pics:

Matt Dixon

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Matt Dixon - concept artist and illustrator
Comic style and fantasy arts

Matt Dixon comic art

Joe Chiodo

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Joe Chiodo - comic book creator
Very good!

comic girls art


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Bentan - illustrator, cartoon style and drawings girls


Keron Grant

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Keron Grant - comic book artist, who has worked mostly for Marvel Comics

Electra comic
His first published work was a pinup in the back of one of the final issues of Dale Keown's Pitt. His first steady comics work was drawing three issues of the unpublished Century comic from Rob Liefeld's Awesome Comics. His job drawing online comics for the Matrix series led to a short stint on Iron Man when Matrix comics inker Rob Stull brought Grant to the attention of Marvel editors. (Wikipedia)

Natascha Roeoesli

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Natascha Roeoesli - digital drawing

digital drawing
Natascha has been painting digitally since 2002 and has since then developed her skills in character illustrations

Aly Fell

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Aly Fell - illustrator, 3D animator, modeller and concept artist

Aly Fell pin up