Tariq Raheem

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Tariq Raheem - digital illustrator
fantasy queen

Jay Trembly

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Jay Trembly - drawing woman
Jay's work continues on in this "classic look" of traditional pin-up, as well as bringing to it the look of the modern-day woman, and her individual sensuality.
Jay Trembly pin up

Joe Jusko - Fantasy and Comic Art

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Joe Jusko - Fantasy, Pin-Up and Comic Artist
Must see!

Fantasy Art

Amazing Pin Up girl by Camino-0

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pin up
Camino-0 - in gallery one pin up image, unfortunately :(

Darin Michau

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Darin Michau - anime, cartoons and digital fantasy art
Darin Michau


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Bam - original acrylic and digital pin up paintings and fun sexy pin up toons

More Info and Pics:

Arantza Sestayo

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Arantza Sestayo - illustration, drawing girls, fantasy art
Arantza Sestayo

Scott Blair

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Scott Blair - modern pin up arts

External links:

Michael Landefeld

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Michael Landefeld - modern pin up art.
Michael is best known for his beautiful pin-up girls, whose fusion of retro charm and modern spice make them instantly recognizable and known throughout the artworld. Michael has also maintained an expansive scope of graphic art styles that include many diverse genres as evident in the web art samples.
Michael Landefeld girl

Pin-up Post

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Pin-up Post - pin up photography in the retro style.
Great site.
pin up photo

Bill Wenzel

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Bill Wenzel (1918-1987) - vintage cartoonist

Bill Wenzel pin up

Susan Heidi

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Susan Heidi - modern pin up

Susan Heidi
Susan's pin ups are typically painted in watercolour or acrylic paints using a technique the artist developed to create an image that comes alive... Susan's skill at rendering luminous skin tones has become a signature characteristic of her pin up style which has been compared to that of well known pin up masters

Ed Mironiuk

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Ed Mironiuk - fetish pin up art
fetish pin up
Ed Mironiuk is one of the many great current fetish artists that has enjoyed a long career working for Genitorturers, Marquis, Secret, Equus Eroticus, Frontiers Newsmagazine and Tattoo Magazine to name a few... With fetish goddesses as frequent subjects, he combines fetish and traditional art fantasy with realistic skin tones, surreal props, and incredible textures.

Dan DeCarlo

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Dan DeCarlo - vintage pin up and cartoon girls

vintage pin up girl
Dan DeCarlo (1919 - 2001) - American cartoonist and comic book artist, best known as the artist who developed the look of Archie Comics in the late 1950s and early 1960s, modernizing the characters to their contemporary appearance and establishing the publisher's house style