Pin Up Photos by Gavin Bond for GQ UK

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The photographer Gavin Bond shoots Victoria’s Secret models Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Shannan Click and Elyse Taylor for for GQ UK February 2010.

Pin Up Photos

Manuel Rebollo

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Manuel Rebollo - Illustrator

Manuel Rebollo

Hilo Chen

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Hilo Chen - Contemporary Photo-realist Painter

Photo-realist Painter

Hilo Chen (Yee-Lum) was born in 1942 in Taiwan and moved to New York in 1968 after living in Paris. This series of paintings depicts beautiful women sun bathing on the beach. The skin tones of his nudes seem more "real" than life itself. You feel as though you can almost touch these women who are so oblivious to being observed.

Abraão Lucas

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Abraão Lucas - Illustrator, Computer Arts

sexy girl art

Nei Ruffino

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Nei Ruffino - Comic Book Creator

comic girl

Enoch Bolles

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Enoch Bolles (1883–1976) - American painter of pin-up art, cover artist

vintage pin up
Enoch Bolles was among the earliest and most widely circulated glamour illustrators. While known today solely as a pinup artist, Bolles was a versatile illustrator who also worked extensively in the advertising industry, creating hundreds of attractive color illustrations for products ranging from bread to cigarettes. His most widely reproduced advertising illustration is the Windy Girl for Zippo lighters.
Bolles' magazine work first appeared in 1914 on the covers of popular humor periodicals such as JUDGE and PUCK, but he is best known for FILM FUN. In 1923 Bolles became the exclusive cover artist for FILM FUN and continued in this role until the magazine folded in 1943

Tati Ferrigno

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Tati Ferrigno - Digital Art, Illustration, Character Design

pin up girl

Amberly Berendson

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Amberly Berendson - Illustrator

pin up cartoon girls

Rick Merriman

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Rick Merriman - Fantasy 3D Arts

3D art girl

David Hartman

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David Hartman - Horror Comic Artist

horror comics

Paul Richards

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Paul Richards - Girls Scetches and Comic Characters

Girls Scetches

Jay Scott Pike

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Jay Scott Pike (b. 1924) - American comic book artist and illustrator

pin up girl

Dave Hoover

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Dave Hoover - Comic Artist


Dave Hoover began his artistic career as an animator in 1977. He became a comic book artist in 1987 and worked as a penciler on many titles for both DC and Marvel, including lengthy runs on Starman and Captain America. He was the primary artist for the entire 13-issue run of The Wanderers title for DC.
Since 1999 Dave Hoover has been teaching art as a faculty member of his old alma mater, the Art institute of Philadelphia. In recent years he has become known for his pin ups and 'good girl' art. He has said that Supergirl is his favorite character to draw, and has probably created more pin ups of her than any other character.

Joe Capobianco

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Joe Capobianco - tattoo artist who specializes in pin-ups. Capobianco is an old-school skin-scrapper that pokes in the most incredible permanent art pieces.
pin up tattoo

2010 Pin Up Calendars

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Freeman Elliot Gil Elvgren Gil Elvgren
Gil Elvgren Pin Up 2010 Wall Calendar Pin Up History 2010 Wall Calendar Pulp Attack 2010 Wall Calendar
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Pin-Ups 2010 Wall Calendar Lorenzo Sprelonga


Antje Darling

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Antje Darling - Digital Fantasy Girls
fantasy art