March 2010 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Art | Vintage and Modern Artworks

Fuchsia by Serge Birault

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Fuchsia by Serge Birault
New Art by Serge Birault

Mel K (queenfish)

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Mel K (queenfish) - Illustrator, Cartoon Style Arts
pin up cartoon

Bar Refaeli for Passionata. Part 2

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Bar Refaeli Lingerie on Pin Up Style Photoset for Passionata

Bar Refaeli pin up photo

Pete Hawley

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Pete Hawley (1916 - 1975) - Vintage Pin Up Illustrator
Jantzen ads
Pete Hawley created a provocative style for Jantzen advertising in the 1940's and 1950's spanning 17 years. He illustrated over 100 magazine ads for swimsuits, lingerie, sweaters and other fashions.

Waldemar von Kozak

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Waldemar von Kozak - Illustrator
illustration girl

Vector Girl

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vector girl
Resolution: 4090x4780

Valery Barykin

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Valery Barykin - Russian Illustrator
Valery creates Pin Up Soviet-style propaganda posters

pin up girl art


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rydeen - vector artist
vector girl on vespa

Summer, I Missed You

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Massimo Carnevale - Italian illustrator and comic artist
(Thank You, Unknown Friend!)
sexy illustration girl

Vebjørn Strømmen

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Vebjørn Strømmen - Fantasy Hot Babes
fantasy girl
Vebjorn works at Funcom as a concept artist and 3d character modeller. Does also freelance illurstration work , and has had artwork printed all over the world. Including several posters, book covers, comic covers, real sword designs, snowboards etc.

Pierluigi Abbondanza

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Pierluigi Abbondanza - Illustrator, Digital Paitings
sexy girl art

Bentan - New

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drawing girl
Wave Jam 4 by Bentan

McGinnis Girl

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drawing girl
by Joe Jusko
Dedication to Robert McGinnis


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hinemaru - japan digital illustrator,sexy anime heroines
sexy anime

Pin Up Aviator Babe

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Classic Pinup Aviator Babe
New Pin Up by Cris De Lara

Art Frahm

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Art Frahm - fantastic vintage pin-up art

classic vintage pin up
Many of his works were outstanding examples of the glamour genre. His perfectly coifed, daring decolletage dressed beauties glowed in the midst of romantic soft focus settings.
Art Frahm was extremely diverse in his subjects. Even if one were not familiar with his fantastic pin-up art, they would instantly recognize his work for Coca Cola, Coppertone and Quaker Oats. Much of his fame is derived for inventing an entire set of calendar art playfully named the 'Panties Falling Down' series for Joeseph C. Hoover and Sons in the fifties. That form was so popular that the tradtion was continued by Jay Scott Pike and Al Brulé.