Bret Parson (BlitzCadet)

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Bret Parson - Illustrator, Cartoonist
cartoon girl

Nathanael Lark

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Nathanael Lark - Freelance Illustrator
Nathanael Lark

Pin Up Photo by Nelson Auge

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pin up photo
Photographer: Nelson Auge
Model: Catherine Jones

Kei Acedera

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Kei Acedera - Illustrator and Art Director at Imaginism Studios

sketches pin up

Jace Wallace (wakkawa)

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Jace Wallace (wakkawa) - Illustrator, Drawings, Comic style girls


Steve Firchow

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Steve Firchow - Comic Artist
comic girls

Stjepan Sejic

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Stjepan Sejic - Fantasy Comic Art
fantasy comic girl

Beach Party by Ganassa

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Pin Up And Cartoon Girls

Artist: Ganassa

Legends of Pin Up - Joyce Ballantyne

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Joyce Ballantyne (1918 - 2006) - Best known for the iconic Coppertone cocker and kid ad which graced ads and billboards for many years. Early work for Rand McNally maps. Moved to Stevens/Gross studio where she was influenced by Haddon Sundblom and befriended and worked with Gil Elvgren (and probably others like AI Moore, Coby Whitmore, Thornton Utz, and Al Buell, all of whom remained friends)

vintage pin up

Legends of Pin Up - Edward D'Ancona

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Edward D'Ancona was a prolific pin-up artist who produced hundreds of enjoyable images, almost nothing is known about his background. He sometimes signed his paintings with the name "D'Amarie", but his real name appears on numerous calendar prints published from the mid 1930s through the mid 1950s, and perhaps as late as 1960

vintage pin up girl

Virago by Andrew Hibner

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modern pin up
Artist: Andrew Hibner

Jorge (Creatunco)

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Jorge (Creatunco) - Graphic Designer
vector girl

Marcelo (celaoxxx)

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celaoxxx - Pencil Artist
sketch girl