October 2011 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween girl art

Artist: Corlen Cruger

Comic Pin Up by Anthony Lee Winn

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Anthony Lee Winn - American comic
book artist, writer, producer, and the CEO of Deepcut Studios. Today, he designs and develops his own personal projects like
zombie films, graphic novels, and game development.
Comic Pin Up by Anthony Lee Winn

Pin Up in Black

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pin up girl
Gil Elvgren

Jessica Rabbit by Siya Oum

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pin up cartoon girls
Artist: Siya Oum

Robert Alvarado

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Robert Alvarado - Pin Up Photographer from California, US
pin up girl photo

Cartoon Pin Up Girls by Bruno Vegan (irmino)

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Bruno Vegan (irmino) - Comics Artist and Illustrator from France
pin up cartoon girl

Lovelies Pin Up by David Wright

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David Wright - British illustrator.

vintage pin up girl

Steph Stamb

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Steph Stamb - concept artist and comic book artist
comic girl

Santi Casas

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Santi Casas - Illustrator fromSpain
Manga and Anime Style Girls
Manga Cheerleader

Marta de Andrés

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Marta de Andrés - Illustrator and Painter from Spain.
Traditional Paintings, Digital Paintings and Airbrushing.
Some Comic and Fantasy Style Girl.
Latex Heroine

Grzegorz Rutkowski

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Grzegorz Rutkowski - Illustrator from Poland


Vintage by Zzantia

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vector girl
Artist: Zzantia
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