Massimo Carnevale

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Massimo Carnevale - Italian comics artist and illustrator
pin up cartoon girls
Massimo resides in italy, where he has been contributing to Italian comics since 1987, in many cases in collaboration with screenwriter Lorenzo Bartoli. In 2003, he started to do work for the American comics company DC. They hired Caranavele to do painted covers, which has become his speciality.
Carnavale worked on covers for the Vertigo imprint titles, Y: The Last Man and Northlanders (image above, top), and has also done covers for Dark Horse Comics’ Terminator 2029 (above, second down).

Victoria's Secret Bridal Lingerie 2011

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I'm like Pin Up Style on Fashion Photography
fashion pin up photo
Model: Lily Aldridge

Kelly Futerer (Kelly X)

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modern pin up girl

Artist: Kelly Futerer (Kelly X)
Painting Claire Sinclair an upcoming book "Wings of Angels"
M A L A K Photography, photo inspired//concept
Original on Facebook

Comic Girl by Stefano Baldo

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Stefano Baldo - Illustrator from Italy

Photographer Maurizio Marcato

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Maurizio Marcato - wellknown photographer from Verona, Italy
You can buy Maurizio Marcato's 2012 calendar about Pin Up on Ebay
pin up photo girl
Maurizio is a polyhedric photographer, always working at international level. His passion ranges from reportage to portrait, from architecture to landscape, and to artistic and sought photographs. Maurizio Marcato photostudio opened in 1980, with advertising and industrial pictures creation as goal, allowed Maurizio to start his own research in visual art by snooping, playing with colours and forms, revisiting concept dressing them with new meanings.

Pascal Campion

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Pascal Campion - French-American illustrator and animator
Pascal has worked in a wide variety of media, from games, music videos, feature films to books
Amazing Arts
Pascal Campion

Masters of Illustrations - Jon Whitcomb

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Jon Whitcomb (1906-1988) - American illustrator. He was well-known for his pictures of glamorous young women. During World War II, a series of illustrations for advertisements he created on the theme, "Back Home for Keeps," became a pin-up fad for women deprived of their husbands or sweethearts.
glamorous young women art pin up

Konstantin Razumov

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Konstantin Razumov (born 1974) - Russian Painter

painting girl

Captain Gudlov

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RB White exclusively for Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Blog
Thank You! :)
cartoon girl

Artist: RB White

Girl by Cameron M Stewart

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pin up and cartoon girls
Artist: Cameron M Stewart

Pin Up Girls by Mike James

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Mike James - well-known pin up artist working in many media including Pin Up illustration, Pin up Photography and Sculpture
Must see!

pin up girl

Flaming Hot by Emelie Jensen

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pin up and cartoon girl
Emelie Jensen (ArtByEmz) on deviantARt

Cartoon Girls by Malcon Pierce

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Malcon Pierce - animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation
cartoon girl

Pin Up Photos by Julia Galdo

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Julia Galdo - Photographer from LA
pin up girl photo

3D Pin Up Girls by Gabriel

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Gabriel - Digital Illustrator from Canada
3D Pin Up Girl

Cartoon Comics by RBWhite

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RBWhite (Bojan) - concept designer/illustrator from Canada
comic cartoon girl

Drawings Girls by Brian Horton

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Brian Horton - Senior Art Director in the video game industry. His titles include Tomb Raider, Silent Hill Homecoming, Marc Ecko's Getting Up, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Clive Barker's Undying, and Medal of Honor.
Brian work in comics and illustration on the side
drawing girl

The Pin Up Art of Santiago

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Derek Santiago - World Renowned Pin-up and portrait artist, cultural remixer
modern pin up