René Gruau

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René Gruau (1909-1984) - fashion illustrator whose exaggerated portrayal of fashion design through painting has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry.
His design career successfully spanned six decades. His style ranged from open-faced friendly women, who look as if they enjoy wearing fashionable clothes, to elegant seductive creatures who wear their garments with an air of mystery. He was truly, an icon of the fashion world.
Rene Gruau died on 31st March 2004, in Paris, at the age of 95.
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Rene Gruau Rene Gruau
Rene Gruau Rene Gruau fashion art
Rene Gruau fashion art Rene Gruau fashion art
Rene Gruau Rene Gruau illustration
Rene Gruau art Rene Gruau fashion art

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Tracey Denisse said...


I love the art you have shown for Rene Gruau. I love his work so much that I did a website for him:

Let me know what you think? Sincerely, TD

Den said...

Good blog, Tracey!