September 2012 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Art | Vintage and Modern Artworks

Ivan Slavinsky

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Ivan Slavinsky - painter from St. Petersburg, Russia
drawing girl

Vanessa Diaz by Marco Patino

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pinup girl photo
Photographer: Marco Patino

Stephen Sistilli

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Stephen Sistilli - graphic artist and illustrator
He has done illustration and comic art for And1 apparel, Arcana publishing, McDonalds, Nutrisystem, FoodLion, and GSW Worldwide. Stephen currently finishing up the artwork on his upcoming graphic novel, Daddy’s Little Girl.
pin up comic girl

She Love Icecream

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pinup girl
by zhuzhu

Tumblr Blogs about Pin Up

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Tumblr to have a lot of blogs on Pin-up. I want to tell you about my favorite.

1. Pin Up Girls - classic pin up, vintage illustrations, photos, pulp covers, movie posters and more!
Pin Up Girls Arts

Gilles Vranckx

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Gilles Vranckx was born with a pencil in hand. He studied graphic design, animation and comic art. His influences range from Ashley Wood, Kent Williams, Mike Allred, to Rene Gruau, Edward Hopper and old 50'-60' ads
girl art

Brian Caskie

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pin up photo
Photographer - Brian Caskie
Model, MUA, Hair - Mosh

Paola Daprile

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Paola Daprile - color sketches
sketch pin up girl

Oneq Nao

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Oneq Nao - Japan Artist
Bright colors, Burlesque, Pin-up girls
Burlesque Pin up girl

Olivia by Andrew Hickinbottom

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Milo Manara

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Milo Manara - Italian comic book writer and artist
Milo Manara art

Matsuo Hiromi

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Matsuo Hiromi - anime style girls

anime pin up

Bar Refaeli - Passionata Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

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My Love -Bar Refaeli posed for the new Collection of Passionata - Fall/Winter 2012
Шn this collection was used by travel theme
pinup photo

Planet by Mandi Johnson Grant

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Mandi Johnson Grant is a digital artist who specializes in illustration and painting. She is currently a full-time video game designer at Griptonite Games in WA.
pinup girl

Philippe Berthet

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Philippe Berthet - French comic book and pinup artist
In 1994, Berthet launched the retro series 'Pin-Up' with writer Yann at Dargaud. The series, about 1940s and 1950s model Betty Page, was an homage to Milton Caniff and his comic 'Male Call'.

pinup girl

Ant Lucia

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Ant Lucia - Series of Pin-Up Illustrations based on Pop-Culture, Comics, Scifi, Horror, and anything cool
pinup cartoon

Pierre Okley

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Pierre Okley - French Pin Up artist and advertising illustrator
vintage pin up poster
La Nouvelle Eve Advertising Poster (1950s) - famous pin up poster by Pierre Okley

Eamon O'Donoghue

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Eamon O'Donoghue - illustrator from UK
Eamon done work for many animated properties including development and branding, book covers for most of the top publishers, style guides for the major toy companies, pinup art, comic books and album sleeves

modern pinup