October 2012 : Pin Up and Cartoon Girls Art | Vintage and Modern Artworks

Rob Hooper

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Rob Hooper - digital artist from South Africa
Rob worked in the advertising and design industry


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Halloween in the Asian style by urusai-baka
asian pin up

Twiggy McBones

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Twiggy McBones - cartoon arts
pin up cartoon girl

Selena Gomes

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Selena Gomez - The Billboard Cover at The Pin Up style
pin upphotography

Stephanie Buscema

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Stephanie Buscema - llustrator and painter from NY, currently working on picture books, painted covers, comics and spot illustrations
cartoon witch

Grant Gould

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Grant Gould - comic artist.
Grant's clients include Lucasfilm (Star Wars: The Clone Wars webcomics and kids' books, StarWars.com kids' features), Topps entertainment properties (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, Heroes & Halo), and others.
comic girl

Pete Tapang

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Pete Tapang - Illustrator from Germany

modern pinup girl

Pedro Perez

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Pedro Perez - Amazing cartoon girls

pin up cartoon girl

Lynne Yoshii

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Lynne Yoshii has worked as an editor for Marvel Comics
comic girl

Michel Gourdon

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Michel Gourdon - French pulp illustrator
His cover work on pulp paperbacks and artwork from the late 40's through to the 70's
At the height of his career in the 1960s, Michel was producing as many as 20 covers a month - essentially, one for every working day.
vintage pulp covers art

Norman Saunders

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Norman Saunders (1907–1989) - commercial artist who produced paintings for pulp magazines, paperbacks, men's adventure magazines, comic and sci-fi books.
Norman was the legendary illustrator of Mars Attacks, Wacky Packages, Batman, Pre-Code Comics.

pulp illustration

Penelope Rivera Gaylord

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Penelope Rivera Gaylord - artist from Philippines, pin up comic girls
comic girl

Ludwig Alizon

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Ludwig Alizon - french comic artist
vector girl

Girls and Cars by William Medcalf

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Classic combination - beauty girl and car
classic pin up girl

Jean-Pierre Gibrat

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Jean-Pierre Gibrat - comic artist from France, watercolor paintings of beautiful girls
watercolor illustrations of girls

Izak Zenou

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Izak Zenou - fashion illustrator
Izak products are currently carried by Target, Sephora, Macy’s, Dillards, and specialty gift stores
Izak has lent his optimistic, colorful and fresh fashion authority to a diverse range of advertising, promotional and editorial clients across the globe
fashion illustration

Emanuela Lupacchino

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Emanuela Lupacchino - comic artist from Italy
4black cat comic girl

Marilyn Monroe posed for Earl Moran

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When Marilyn Monroe posed for Earl Moran in the first of their sessions that took place between 1946 and 1950, she was just 19 and an aspiring actress,then Norma Jeane, while Moran had established himself as a leading illustrator of beautiful women.
Earl Moran hired Marilyn through the Blue Book Agency in Los Angeles, in 1946. This was one of Marilyn's earliest regular modeling assignments, to help pay the rent while she fought for an entree into the movie business. She posed for him off and on for the next four years. He usually took photos of her, which he used as reference for his pinup illustrations. He paid Marilyn ten dollars an hour to photograph her in various costumes and states of toplessness from 1946 to 1949. Moran's Marilyn work was used, among others, by major calendar company Brown & Bigelow. Forty years later, in January 1987, Playboy magazine published some of Moran's 1946 nude photos of Marilyn.
Earl Moran's work for magazines and calendars placed him in the company of Alberto Vargas and George Petty.
Marilyn Monroe pin up
One of his most famous photo’s/paintings of Marilyn was done in 1946, titled ‘Bus Stop’. It featured Marilyn in a cheesecake pose, standing next to a bus stop, with skates in her hand

Giovanni Romanini

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Giovanni Romanini - comic artist from Italy
Giovanni Romanini comic art