Happy Easter 2018


Jessica Rabbit, Queen of Cartoon Pin-ups


Fantasy Art Featuring Bettie Page

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of legendary pin-up model Bettie Page. While during her time on earth Bettie faced personal demons…


The World of Star Wars Pin-ups

Since the first Star Wars movie blasted its way into movie theaters four decades ago, pin-up artists have found inspiration from that galaxy far, far…


Deep Dive: The World of Tentacle Pin-up Art

Quick question: what’s generally slimy, suckered and sexy in a strange way? Tentacle pin-up art is a curious subset of the wider pin-up culture that has…


A Beautiful Boxer Pin-up Collaboration

This eye-catching pin-up lady is a co-creation between Hong Kong artists Stanley Lau (who uses the Deviantart name “Artgerm”) and comic book artist Wong Shui…


Happy New Year

There is a whole category here on Pinup & Cartoon Girls dedicated for ushering in a new year. As today is the last day…


Here’s Fox, Duck, and Wolf Pinups Checking You Out

Using animals as inspiration for pinup artwork has been a staple in this style of art. In the past couple of decades, there have been…


Pin-up Movie History: The Outlaw with Jane Russell

One of the major landmarks in movie pin-up history is the screen debut of Jane Russell in the 1943 cowboy movie The Outlaw. The movie…


Burlesque Dancer & Other Pin-ups

Theodora K is a self-taught artist from Bulgaria with a love for fantasy characters. That said, not all of her pin-up creations are fantasy based,…