Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle is a cartoonist and an accomplished animator, most likely best known for his blonde and buxom ingénue character Mandy. With her ponytail blonde hairdo, big wide eyes and innocent air of mischief to her, Yeagle’s Mandy projects a good girl aura about herself even though the mischief she often winds up in isn’t where such good girls should be found.

The Mandy cartoon has frequented the pages of Playboy magazine for a number of decades. Yeagle’s Many illustrations range from pin-up portrays of her to more racy topless or fully nude artwork. Typically Yeagle’s Playboy work features his creation in compromising or goofy situations brought about by Mandy’s sex appeal.

Mandy Cartoon

Dean Yeagle Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle pin up Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle Mandy cartoon


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  1. Leilani Joy Reply

    One of my favorite artists! He exaggerates the female form in all the right ways and has a wonderful sense of pin-up anatomy! Love your blog! So happy to have stumbled upon it! Hope to have my pin girl art featured on it one day! ^_^

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