Video Game Pin-up Ads from the 1970s & 80s

When the dawn of the video game era happened in the 1970s, advertising still used gimmicks that seem wildly outdated in today’s marketplace. Introducing the…


Happy Easter 2018


Jessica Rabbit, Queen of Cartoon Pin-ups


Fantasy Art Featuring Bettie Page

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of legendary pin-up model Bettie Page. While during her time on earth Bettie faced personal demons…


The World of Star Wars Pin-ups

Since the first Star Wars movie blasted its way into movie theaters four decades ago, pin-up artists have found inspiration from that galaxy far, far…


Deep Dive: The World of Tentacle Pin-up Art

Quick question: what’s generally slimy, suckered and sexy in a strange way? Tentacle pin-up art is a curious subset of the wider pin-up culture that has…


A Beautiful Boxer Pin-up Collaboration

This eye-catching pin-up lady is a co-creation between Hong Kong artists Stanley Lau (who uses the Deviantart name “Artgerm”) and comic book artist Wong Shui…


Happy New Year

There is a whole category here on Pinup & Cartoon Girls dedicated for ushering in a new year. As today is the last day…


Here’s Fox, Duck, and Wolf Pinups Checking You Out

Using animals as inspiration for pinup artwork has been a staple in this style of art. In the past couple of decades, there have been…


Pin-up Movie History: The Outlaw with Jane Russell

One of the major landmarks in movie pin-up history is the screen debut of Jane Russell in the 1943 cowboy movie The Outlaw. The movie…