Witches of Halloween

Witches of Halloween

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is a favorite holiday for pin-up practitioners. Ever since Gil Elvgren painted his brunette witch riding a broom in the night sky, pin-up artists have been finding ways to put their spell on you.

Here’s a selection of pin-up witches of Halloween to bewitch you this season. Learn more about the artists by following the links to their respective pages.

Sveta Shubina Hallowee witchSveta Shubina often uses a Halloween theme for her pin-ups


George Petty Halloween pin-upGeorge Petty painted this Halloween witch for publication in 1947.


Matt Dixon Halloween witch artUsually green is a color that pin-ups wear around St. Patrick’s Day, but artist Matt Dixon found a way to incorporate the emerald hue into his spooky scene.


Witch in night sky pin-upMexican artist Ben Camperos celebrates the Halloween spirit with a cartoony witch riding her broomstick.


Witch in vector artA green tint surrounds this vector witch drawn by Christine E.


A colorful painting titled “Harvest Moon” created by Kamille Freske.



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