Bettie Page burlesque pin-up art Maly Siri

Fantasy Art Featuring Bettie Page

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of legendary pin-up model Bettie Page. While during her time on earth Bettie faced personal demons and professional disdain about her photographs, appreciation for her role as a pin-up model began to happen in the 1980s.

By the time of Bettie’s passing, her impact on several generations of pin-up artists and models was evident. Along with the many photographs and portraits of Bettie that we can feature, today we would like to show off some of the inspired pin-up artworks that have been influenced by our brunette Queen of the Pin-ups, Bettie Page.

Known for her many varieties of black leather and lace accoutrements, Bettie always sported a mischievous yet playful demeanour. Maly Siri’s drawing perfectly captures that Bettie look oh so well.


Catwoman pin-up Bettie Page inspired art

DC Comics’ Catwoman was around before Bettie Page made her mark on the pin-up scene, but the two are a natural fit together like cookies and cream. Harkening back to the more classic look of Catwoman, Devin “Spicy Donut” Lawson paints us a Bettie-inspired Catwoman complete with a cat-o-nine-tails hanging off of her derrière.


Bettie Page superhero Venom pin-up axlsalles

If we’re to feature a Distinguished Competitor’s character for Bettie, then we better play fair and show one from Marvel Comics’ pantheon. Having Ms. Page try on the sentient Spider-Man symbiote costume called Venom is worthy of a post. However, it’s the wonderful way that Alexandre “axlsalles” Salles makes his digital creation look like an artifact from the 1950s that pushes this pin-up to greatness. Check out his Deviant Art page for his versions of Bettie done as Wonder Woman, Captain America and Spider-Man.


Shannon Maer bettie page halloween pin-up artwork

WOW. What an amazing use of color to capture a Halloween-themed Bettie Page. This delightful art is by Shannon Maer, already one of our favorite artists here on Along with the perfect atmosphere, Maer captures the telltale gaze of Bettie flawlessly. A great creation and homage to the original gothic girl.


Bettie Page pin-up dark gothic Gris Grimsly

Sticking with the macabre theme, here’s a pin-up of Bettie done by LA-based artist Gris Grimly. Grimly art was used to promote a line of Bettie Page shoes created by Ellie. Bettie’s gothic qualities lend themselves nicely for pin-up artists, and most of the work we’ve seen feature her as a zombie Bettie Page. Grimly’s skeletal Bettie is just as fetching, but we’re glad that he kept Bettie’s stockinged legs fully fleshed.


Bettie Page Vampirella drawing by Gene Espy

An easy crossover between two worlds, Bettie as the sexy Vampirella character is seen in Gene Espy’s illustration above. The character of Vampirella was created in 1969, so it’s possible that creators Forrest J. Ackerman and Trina Robbins drew inspiration from the underground films and photos of Bettie Page. Whatever the case, even Bettie can make bat-like wings look adorable.


Bettie Page pin-up Olivia mermaid

We can’t close out the article without offering you one of Olivia de Berardinis many pin-up paintings of Bettie. If one were to just talk about Olivia’s work featuring Bettie Page, there could be a book (indeed, there is one.) But of the dozens of original Olivia paintings featuring Ms. Page, having her as a tattooed mermaid is our choice for best fantasy pick.


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