Keith Garvey

Keith Garvey – modern CG pin up artist
Garvey’s pin-up art tends to be of a modern glamour theme, some of it x-rated.
Fantastic Pin Up arts, illustrations, glamour art. Must see!

At the age of 12, he found himself holding a copy of Playboy magazine. Unlike many of us at that tender age when confronted with a girlie mag, his attention was not focussed on the naked models, but on the Vargas painting of the issue. Like so many other artists, the Vargas girl changed his view on art, albeit in Keith’s case a lot earlier in life than most. Whatever thoughts went through his head at this point, the comic characters disappeared to be replaced by images of the female form. Keeping the magazine hidden from his parents, the girls in the magazine were not ignored, they became the models for his early practice of drawing women using the Vargas image as a datum line for his efforts.

Keith Garvey Art Books:

More info and pics:

  • Garvgraphx – Official online art portfolio of Keith Garvey


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