Easter pin-up artwork bunnies woman

Happy Easter 2018


The modern day depiction of Easter now features a celebration of sweet treats, candy-covered eggs, and cute fuzzy rabbits. In the 1950s, when pin-up photography was at its height, there were many Easter-themed photos featuring curvy women emerging from giant eggs, holding bunnies, or wearing rabbit ears. Perhaps this is what gave inspiration to Hugh Hefner to think up his playboy bunnies.


Easter bunny beautiful pinup model

Easter pin-up photo circa 1950.


Susan Hayward pin-up easter photo

Actress Susan Hayward poses for an Easter pin-up, 1945.


vintage Easter pinup photo beauty

A cardboard bunny and one in high heels.


Easter pin-up artwork by Chris Harper.


Whatever your preferred celebration is on Easter Day, have a happy one!


Top image created by Nutthead.



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