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Here’s Fox, Duck, and Wolf Pinups Checking You Out

Using animals as inspiration for pinup artwork has been a staple in this style of art. In the past couple of decades, there have been more diversity in this style of pinup art. Some artists go for an anthropomorphic style of their animal illustrations (which is a style dubbed “anthro” or “furry”). Other artists may add clothing or style that’s suggestive of animal-like traits.

When I contacted Mauricio Morali and asked him about the furry model in the pinup you see below, he told me it was one in a series.

“My fox pin-up is part of a project I’m working on along with other illustrators,” Mauricio said. “We’re creating pin-ups inspired by different animals, and the fox was the first one I made. I wanted this pin-up to remain human but to dress like a fox while representing what I like about foxes, specially their beauty, cunning and colors.”

And we agree too: the colors chosen for the fox pinup certainly are spectacular!


Perusing Mauricio’s Artstation profile page we found several other entries in his animal pin-up contest. He graciously gave us permission to share them with you:


Animal sexy pinup mauricio morali

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then this pinup lady has gotta be a duck…


sexy sheep animal pinup furry mauricio morali

At first glance you may think this pinup is dressed-up like a cat, but the wooly legwarmers and top should give her animal spirit away: a sheep.


wolf sexy pinup art animal mauricio morali

With her orange-yellow iris eyes, this wolf is on the prowl.

And with the addition of these three pinup cuties, our website has a new category for Furry pinup artworks.

More of Mauricio’s work can be found at:


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