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New Work of Raffaele Marinetti

Raffaele Marinetti is an Italian-born illustrator, painter and pin-up artist. Living in Naples, Raffaele produces an incredible volume of pin-ups, from sketches, pencil illustrations, digital paintings, watercolors and inked drawings. Just as stellar as his workload is the attention to detail and capturing of evocative expressions of his pin-up women.

The alluring redhead that Raffaele named Lydia is the subject of many of Marinetti’s creations. Often he chooses to feature this particular pin-up queen colored in spectacular glory, resting against and contrasting her surroundings.


Lydia by Raffaele Marinette pin-up beautiful

Marinetti has also featured Lydia with another of his pin-up lovelies, a brunette he calls Yvonne. The couple are often depicted in erotic lovemaking scenes, like the following sample:


Lydia Yvonne pin-up artwork Raffaele Marinetti


Another one of his Lydia pin-ups that we recently featured on our Facebook page for Pin-up Cartoon Girls. The red and flesh tones starkly stand out and command the attention of the viewer’s eye.

redhead pin-up artwork sexy


Marinetti has also done dozens of pin-ups featuring superheroines from DC and Marvel comic books. Among them are multiple portraits of Batgirl, a few of the mighty amazon Wonder Woman, the slinky thief Catwoman, Spider-Woman, Power Girl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Black Cat, the Baroness from G.I. Joe and others. We featured some of Marinetti’s earlier comic book tributes in our first article about his talent published back in 2009 (see link at bottom of the page.)


Batgirl pin-up art Raffaele Marinetti


Catwoman pinup cartoon artwork Raffaele Marinetti


Recently Raffaele has begun exploring pin-ups in a more cartoony and retro look, like this 1950s-esque one that he called “Lili”:


Raffaele Marinetti pinup art 1950s

Here’s one showing off Raffaele’s skill with inking over his illustration work. The artist has scores more of these inked creations that can be viewed on his Instagram page, and many are not as NSFW as this one below (but they are as delightful to look at.)



Speaking of his Instagram page, Raffaele also frequently posts videos showing him drawing, inking or coloring his artwork:


He is also creating a series of pin-ups featuring sultry mermaids, likely to appear in a book collection à la his redheads series.


Mermaid pin-up artwork Raffaele Marinetti


To see more of the spectacular work of Raffaele Marinetti visit his sites:

Look back at the earlier pin-up creations of Raffaele Marinetti in our older post featuring some of the artist’s fantasy and comic book pin-ups.


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