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Pin-up Playing Cards Through the Years

Pin-up art has been a staple for playing cards for decades. Ranging from cheesecake all the way to nude, artists have sought untold ways to show brunettes, redheads and blondes from all four suits. Whatever the style of deck, and whatever the game that they are being used for, I bet that the players remember their hands well.


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Some of the older pin-up playing cards can fetch decent prices. Of course, the condition of the card and it’s age play a major part in estimating a fair value for the collectible.

A deck of so-called “girlie” playing cards from the mid-1950s could command a price around $50-$95, depending on its’ condition. If the original cardboard box that held the cards was also included, the price could go up another 15-20%.


heinz villager pinup art playi


pinup playing card showgirl 1950s


Cards pre-1950 are more rare, and with each subsequent decade, become more so. Remember that playing cards were meant to be played with, and not stored away as a collectible. Add to this that the artist that painted the women on many decks of cards were never credited. Their work, and appreciation of the female form, are the way that they are remembered today.


pinup playing card showgirl 1950s


vargas playing card pin-up art


seven of clubs pinup artwork sexy

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