Women of Saturn

Saturn! The sixth planet of our solar system and the one with the grandest display of planetary rings, Saturn becomes a notable ingredient for a spin-up artist’s space setting. When you slap a set of rings around a planet it just says “This is outer space,” doesn’t it?

Space girl art is a popular pin-up style, so we crawled around the internet to find some of the loveliest pin-ups this side of 1.4 billion kilometers (which is the distance from the Sun to Saturn, in case you get asked the question on Jeopardy!)

Let’s go see what lovely ladies are circling that big yellow gas giant out past the asteroid belt.


Illustration by Renee Reeser.



Sailor Saturn artwork by Edgar Sandoval.


Cover art for Kurt Vonnegut’s 1959 novel The Sirens of Titan. Artist unknown.


The Cosmic Comic Book Pin-ups That Hail From Saturn


Saturn Girl, one of the members of DC’s Legion of Superheroes. Artwork by Keith Donald.


A more cheesecake version of Saturn Girl. Art by Mike Mayhew.


Issue 2 of Rod Hathway, Space Detective. This comic came out in 1951.


Saturn space girl pinup artworkIn orbit of Saturn. Artwork by David Mattingly.


Saturn space girl pin-up art by Kurt HugginsArt by Kurt Huggins.


Pin-up art at the top of the page by Miss Fluff.



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